Jamie MacGillivray

  • Age:

  • Height:

  • Chosen Sport:

  • Years Training:

  • Off-Season Weight:

  • Competition Weight:

  • Competition Records:

    • INBA Mr Junior Adelaide 1st Place
    • WNBF Mr Junior South Australia 3rd Place
    • INBA Mr Junior South Australia 2nd Place
    • WNBF Mr Middleweight South Australia 2nd Place
    • INBA Mr Intermediate South Australia 2nd Place
    • WNBF Mr Intermediate Asia Pacific 6th Place
  • Training Information:

     Typical workout plan


    Training 5 days a week.

    Monday Chest/Core
    Tuesday Quads/Glutes
    Wednesday Arms/Core
    Thursday Rest
    Friday Back/Hamstrings
    Saturday Shoulders/Calves
    Sunday Rest

    I incorporate traditional pyramid style training, doing 4-5 exercises per workout, with 4-5 sets per exercise, including drop sets & supersets.


    Training 6 days a week.

    Monday Chest/Core
    Tuesday Back/Hamstrings
    Wednesday Shoulders/Core/Calves
    Thursday Rest
    Friday Triceps/Core
    Saturday Biceps
    Sunday Quads/Glutes

    During my pre-contest training I tend to train with a higher intensity, higher rep range, and do more drop sets and supersets. I also introduce cardiovascular exercise during my pre-contest training, doing 30-45 minutes of LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio every morning and also introducing post-workout HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio as I get closer to the contest and need to get rid of that last bit of body fat.

    How long spent training per day?

    Off-Season 75-120 minutes

    45-80 minutes + 30-75 minutes cardio

    Biggest physical weakness and how to overcome it?

    Quads have always been my most stubborn muscle group. The best way to overcome a physical weakness or stubborn muscle group is to mix up how you train it; go heavy for a couple weeks, then more controlled concentrating on muscle contraction another week, then switch intensity, switch exercises, train it more than once a week... do whatever it takes to keep the muscle guessing.

    Typical bench press, squat and deadlift weights

    Bench 155kg 1RM (1 Rep Max)

    230kg 1RM (1 Rep Max)


    180kg for reps

    Favourite sport outside of chosen sport and why

    Basketball. I have played since I was 5 and just love it! It brings me joy and excitement when I play.

  • Dieting/Supplementation Information:

    Typical meal plan

    • 5-6 solid meals a day
    • 2-3 shakes per day in addition to solid meals
    • High protein intake
    • High carb intake
    • High good/natural fat intake

    Will go out for tea a couple nights a week, try to eat fairly clean, but not afraid to splurge and enjoy food.

    • 6 solid food meals a day (all food weighed)
      • Lean Meat - Chicken, Basa, Turkey, Kangaroo
      • Carbs - Oats and Basmati Rice
    • Protein shakes post-workout until 5-6 weeks out
    • Carbs decreased the closer I get to comps
    • Lots of green vegetables, herbs and spices
    • Very low good/natural fat intake
    • 1 cheat meal a week till 3-4 weeks out

    Typical supplementation plan





    Hormone Support:

    Everyday Protein Powder:

    Pre-Bed Protein Powder:



    As above with the following changes:

    • All protein powders are replaced with whole foods except my post-workout protein powder (I keep this up until about 6 weeks out from the contest, at which point it is also replaced with a whole food meal)
    • I add the following fat burners before cardio:

    Most important supplement/supplement stack for chosen sport and why?

    Favourite supplement/supplement stack and why?

    Citrulline malate and beta alanine, because there is no better feeling than "the pump", and when I get the tingles I know it's game time in the gym!

    What do you believe will be the “Next Big Thing” in supplementation

    Who knows with this industry, natural test boosters seem to be getting bigger and badder...

    • O.N. Platinum Hydro Whey
  • Personal Information:

    What are your future aspirations in your chosen sport?

    To keep competing as a natural bodybuilder for as long as I enjoy it, and to keep training to keep me healthy as long as I live.

    Who are your role models and why?

    • Kai Greene because he takes a more psychological approach to training and competing as a bodybuilder.
    • Ronnie Coleman because he was simply a beast and arguably the best bodybuilder of all time.
    • Allen Iverson because even though he was small, he still proved he could do big things on the basketeball court and played with a lot of heart.

    What is your favourite cheat meal?

    Either Asian Cuisine or Pizza, and of course Pop Tarts and Ice Cream!

    What are your Top 3 workout songs?

    Song Title Artist
    Diary of Jane Breaking Benjamin
    Blue Gemini
    First of The Year (Equinox) Skrillex

    What keeps you motivated?

    Wanting to better myself, the will to be better day-in, day-out, and the desire to stand on stage with a winner's trophy.

    Song Title Artist The Calling Sebestian Ingrosso and Alesso Kyoto


    Essentials Mix


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