Core Nutritionals

Fair to say there are no short-cuts with Doug Miller’s own Core Nutritionals supplements. Comprehensive ingredient profiles, guaranteed high quality ingredients and rigorous testing are what makes this supplement company a cut above the rest. Whether you are an elite athlete or recreationally train, there is a product for everyone’s goals. Their famous weight-loss stack that can be used by both men and women, includes their fat burner; Core Burn which comes in delicious raspberry lemonade or mango and Core Iso ultra-lean whey protein which comes in peanut butter toffee or chocolate. Using these together along side good nutrition and training will help you get one step closer to your most optimal self. Core Nutritionals are also famous for their ABC BCAAs, with a wide range of delicious flavours that are sugar free, caffeine free, gluten free, filler free and artificial colouring free it would be a crime not to use them. The versatility of this product means it is great for intra and post workouts too. Unlike other BCAAs that have a proprietary blend of ingredients, Core Nutritionals can pride itself on the quality and quantity of ingredients it uses per serve. Glutamine, leucine and valine are dosed appropriately so that muscular endurance, recovery and the development of lean muscle growth has never been easier.

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