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Name Dana Cvijanovic
Position Casual Store Attendant
When Did You First Join Team MassiveJoes? April 2016

Personal Questions

Would have been early 2014 - I was always active as a kid and played loads of sport like soccer, volleyball and tennis but started weight training later in life.
I was working as a chef and studying after high school when I realised I wasn’t living the healthiest life. I decided to make a change, joined a gym and started weight training, realised I loved it and haven’t looked back since.
I just want better relative strength, so maintain strength with a leaner body’s a work in progress hehe
I love being around like minded people. It's amazing how much more you can achieve when people share similar values and goals.
Tenacious, Assertive, Committed
A whole range of music: Hip Hop, Metalcore, Nu-Metal, Pop, Trance, EDM, House….I really don’t discriminate.
Black with a splash of Almond Milk
It would be cool to either be able to stop time or time travel, or both.

Supplement Questions

There are so many, if I had to choose i’d say Switch or Core Nutritionals (purely from their range available)
Ryse Peanut Butter Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, wild.
Mental focus and just a nice clean energy feeling.
There are so many, my current favourite is Dragon’s Breath by RDN.
Casein, Vitality Switch and ABC

Training Questions

Anytime Fitness
Equinox in LA
I train for Power and Hypertrophy so there’s no one particular method just a 4-Day split. Also, 40 minutes of LISS Cardio 4-5 days a week.
Chest: Bench Press
Back: Lat Pulldown
Biceps: Ez bar Curl
Triceps: Skull Crushers
Forearms: -
Shoulders: Overhead Press
Glutes: Weighted Hip Thrusts
Hamstrings: Nordic Curls
Calves: Don’t train
Abs: Ab Rollouts
Anything with a Smith Machine, change my mind.
Just don’t give up, there’s always a reason to keep going. Find it.
My heart loves it
Lifting straps

Dieting Questions

90/10 - I prefer a more flexible approach but 90% of my food is from good wholesome choices that aim to nourish my body. 10% is Krispy Kremes.
I’m so basic it’s legit just Pizza and Ice Cream. More specifically - Crust Pizza - Chicken Pesto minus Rocket (because yuck) and a tub of either Ben and Jerry’s or Connoisseur Ice cream
Did Josh put this in here...


Honestly don’t have anyone I follow specifically - I am currently listening to alot of Podcasts from Ben Pakulski.
It’s a marathon not a sprint, take your time, avoid just listening to the first bit of advice someone gives you (even mine, don’t listen, what do I know) but in all seriousness educate yourself and learn to love the experience, and hopefully if you do it right it will last a lifetime.
I actually love drawing and being creative with my hands, I love cooking and just experimenting with different cuisines and ingredients.
Can everyone stop skipping leg day
Instagram: danacvij_, danacvij_lifts
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