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Home Hamstring & Calf Workout Beginner

April 29, 2020 | 0 Comments
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Bodyweight Hamstring & Calf Workout… time to work that Posterior Chain!

When we look at training hamstrings and calves using just our bodyweight as resistance with the right knowledge and ‘database’ of exercise variations, it’s just a matter of selecting which movements you are going to utilise and creating your workout from that just like you would in the gym!

For an entire encyclopedia of bodyweight hamstring & calf exercises check out our ‘In The House’ video series and make sure you watch the video before continuing on…

Have you watched the video? You have? Perfect! We will be pulling on the information to help structure this workout.

At Home Hamstring & Calf Workout Exercises | In The House With Team MassiveJoes

What Will You Need:

Yourself (bodyweight)

Work Time: 

Each sets working time will be dependant on the reps you can achieve

Rest Time: 

Between 45 – 60 seconds between each set

Between 2 – 3 minutes between each exercise

Exercise 1: Hamstring Walkouts

You’ve probably never done these and after performing them you will probably never want to do them again. Hamstring Walkouts are an incredible Hamstring focused bodyweight exercise that requires literally no equipment. Just you and the floor. Best to go back and have a look at this exercise in the video to ensure you know how it goes.

Set 1: Warm Up Set. Use this as a chance to get a feel for the movement. Ensuring you keep those hips as high as you can and keep those steps out nice and small, don’t rush the movement. Don’t go to failure, just get a feel for the movement.

Set 2: Working Set. This is the money set, we want you to go to complete failure and get as many walkouts as possible here! But remember, keep the tempo under control, don’t race ti and keep those hips high. This will burn… but that is also why you are here! Make sure to take note of how many you get

Sets 3 – 5: You are going to complete 3 more sets of these getting the same number of reps you got in the working set. If you reach failure before you get the reps you got in the first set, drop down stretch out your legs and then get back in there and go until you get those reps down. Then have you rest and go for Set 4 & 5!

Exercise 2: Bodyweight Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Alright alright, we probably should have warned you about the cramping you will get from Hamstring Walkouts, it’s okay, now it’s time to stretch those Hammys out! Bodyweight Stiff Leg Deadlift is up now. We really want to focus on the stretch AND the time under tension here. Feet just closer than shoulder-width apart, let the weight shift into the heel of the feet as you tip forward hinging from the hip with only a slight softening in knees. Really try to emphasise the hips moving back to get maximum tension on the Hammys.

We are going to work with a 4 second tempo down, then a 4 second hold at the bottom and then, most importantly, a 4 second tempo on the way up.

Sets 1 – 4: Working Sets. It’s simple, go until the burn is too much to handle for your Hamstrings OR you can’t control that tempo on the way down and stay for the 4 second hold. Rest, relax, shake out the legs and go again for Set 2, 3 & 4!

Exercise 3: Floor Calf Raises

Time to work those Calves now! Floor raises are simple but high effective, they really allow you to generate a lot of force and also an incredible contraction at the top of the movement. Always ensuring we keep the rest (the moment the heel touches the ground) to a minimal, treating the heel touch almost as a button to explode back up with as much force as possible.

Set 1: Warm Up Set. We are going to take this first set nice and easy. Just completing enough reps and stopping as soon as you begin to feel any fatigue coming through. It’s very common to get calf cramping on your first set so be cautious of that.

Set 2: Working Set. This will be the set that sets the reps for the rest of the working sets. We want you to complete as many reps as you can until you feel that burn come through and cannot squeeze anymore! Always making sure you keep that form tidy. Coming up all the way and squeezing as hard as you can.

Set 3: Just like Set 2 but we want you to get 3 less reps. If you got 15 reps for Set 2, then you are going to complete 12 reps for Set 3.

Sets 4 & 5: Just like Set 3, you will take 3 reps OFF what you were able to get from the previous set (Set 3). And then repeat the same for Set 5 as well.

There you have it guys! A Hamstring and Calf Workout using NOTHING but your Bodyweight. If you give this workout a try be sure to film yourself giving it a crack and tag @MassiveJoes on Instagram so we can show the world you crushing your In The House Workout! 

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